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Create A Strategy with Guidance from an Expert.

A Betsy Bash Soirée is a learning session for creative business owners to come together and workshop a social media lesson. Together, we gather for tea or coffee, learn more about each other, and learn how to set up a social media strategy for your business so that you can grow your community, increase your sales, and grow your mailing list.

We will focus in on social strategy and content curation:
• how you do it
• where you find it
• and what you need to say to foster an engaging community of paying clients & enthusiastic fans.

I began my business in 2010. The same year that Instagram was born. As a social media consultant and community manager, I have tried lots of calendars, tools, and organizational methods over the years. In this Social Media Soirée, I will share my secret social media template that’s been seven years in the making! Use this template to keep you organized and driven towards your business goals. 

Who Should Attend

Business owners, entrepreneurs & creatives with a social media presence that are looking to expand their reach and increase sales! There are no requirements for the number of followers, tweets, posts or metrics that you must have to attend this course. We do ask, however, that you have at least one social media account in mind that you would like to work on while in the course.

What You Will Leave With

Content Strategy

Learn how to create a personalized content strategy for your business.

Social Media Calendar

Learn how to create a personalized social media calendar for your business.


Personalized Help

Ask questions in a small group setting and get personalized help with your business.


Appointment Book

Keep your social media plan with you, on paper, wherever you go and jot an idea down when the thought hits you.

When & Where

Stay tuned for more information about our next Soirée!

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