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Ready to finally start building engagement across your business’ social media channels?

My passion for community building and small businesses fuels me to develop social media strategies for entrepreneurs around the globe. I love creating, nurturing, and watching a community grow. Did you know? Engagement comes when you truly know your community.
Let me help you discover what your community wants. By digging into the details, I will develop a personalized social media strategy for your business. Read more below to see how we can best work together to grow your business!

What Is A Social Media Strategy Session?:

Growing your social media presence and your business can be a difficult process filled with confusion and difficulty creating systems and sequences that produce real tangible results. Without constant measurable growth, it is easy to become disheartened and begin lacking consistency with posts. It’s enough to fall into a heap of exhaustion just thinking about this long and arduous process.

In each social media strategy session, Lauren coaches you through your biggest social media challenge and develops a plan for you to conquer it. No more throwing content at the wall and seeing what sticks!

You’ll learn to take focused action that folds into your larger goals with a smart social media strategy. This process will teach you to create your own social media strategies with confidence in the future.

When you are working with a solid, strategic social media plan, you are guaranteed to get better results from your efforts and to invaluable knowledge about your clients and their unique needs. You’ll be on the fast track to reaching your goals.

Our Social Media Strategy Clients:

  • Increase their online presence while creating a genuine brand and building their communities.
  • Implement innovative strategies for increasing engagement, lead generation, and conversion across social media channels.
  • Gain confidence interpreting social media analytics.
  • Make their campaigns and social strategies into systems that run like well-oiled machines.
  • Use social media management applications that minimize the time spent posting and planning while maximizing ROI on community engagement.
  • Implement time-saving tricks so that they can get back to the work they love.
  • Learn to work smarter, not harder.

This session includes:

  • A 90-minute intensive social media strategy coaching session.
  • Accompanying notes from your session.
  • Guidance and recommendations for your next steps after the session.


One payment of $175

Want to Learn More?:

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You want to work smarter, not harder. Reach your goals in just 90 days!

One part consulting…
One part coaching…
One part accountability…
100% Strategic Action

The Creative Entrepreneur on a Mission Program is a 90-day intensive program that will fast-track your success on projects that will take your business to the next level.

When you take strategic guidance you’ll see faster results because every action you take will help you to engineer your own success.

Growing your business requires taking strategic action daily. Deciding what to take action on can easily become overwhelming. With my help, there will be no more getting lost in the details of larger projects. The stress will roll off your shoulders and ease of mind will replace it.

I will coach you through a personalized strategy for your business, as well as keep you accountable to your next steps. Investing in the Creative Entrepreneur on a Mission Program will be invaluable to your progress as a business! In just 90 days you can accomplish what may have taken 6-9 months without guidance and accountability.  If you’re ready to take the next big leap in your business toward reaching your “stretch” goals then I’m the lady for you.

This program includes:

  • Four 90-minute one-on-one social media strategy sessions tailored to your project.
  • A shared folder for storing documents, sharing updates, and collaborating.
  • Accountability check-ins between your sessions to give you that extra nudge you need to knock out your “homework.”
  • Guidance from an expert to ensure you are on a path to success.


One payment of $625


Two payments of $325

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You’re growing…. fast and you need to hire a wicked smart social media strategist.

Betsy Bash can help you make this year your best yet… we’re talking about exponential growth through on-point content and increased engagement. Let me build your social media strategy for the next 90 days. You can rest easy knowing that your social media will be working for you, instead of the other way around.
Here’s what you’ll get with the Social Media Strategy & Calendar Package:
  • Two 90-minute social media strategy session to discuss your goals, needs, and business over the course of 90 days.
  • A personalized social media strategy & calendar delivered to you with content to post, 45 days at a time.
  • One 30-minute call to be used as a life-line when you realize there’s something that you need to incorporate into your strategy, right away.

One payment of $999


Two payments of $555

Want to Learn More?:

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