One-on-One Help

In each social media strategy session, I will coach you through your biggest social media challenge and help you develop a plan to conquer it. I’ve helped entreprenuers build websites, create a social media content calendar, create a Facebook Group and a plan for what to say each day, install a Facebook Pixel, create Facebook Audiences, and more! Let me help you with your social media questions!

Detailed Notes

I loved taking notes in high school and college, and nothing has changed! Let me take notes for you during our sessions so that you can focus on your business and your questions. I’ll share the notes with you after each session, complete with the overall plan, detailed tasks, and next steps.

Accountability Built-In

How many times have you started a project only to abandon it three weeks later? Would it have helped to have someone pushing you along and encouraging you? Of course it would! Working with me means not working alone. I’ll give you a set of steps to complete before your next session, and check in on you in between sessions.

Plans and Pricing


Ready to finally start building engagement across your business’ social media channels?


My passion for community building and small business fuels me to develop social media strategies for entrepreneurs around the globe. I love creating, nurturing, and watching a community grow. Did you know? Engagement comes when you truly know your community. Let me help you discover what your community wants. By digging into the details, I will develop a personalized social media strategy for your business. Read more below to see how we can best work together to grow your business!

Single Strategy Session

$175/1 session
  • A 90-minute intensive social media strategy coaching session
  • Accompanying notes from your session
  • Guidance and recommendations for your next steps after the session
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Creative Entrepreneur on a Mission

$675/3 months
  • Four 90-minute one-on-one social media strategy session tailored to your project to be used over a three month period
  • A shared folder for storing documents, sharing updates, and collaborating
  • Accountability check-ins between your sessions to give you that extra nudge you need to knock out your “homework”
  • Guidance from an expert to ensure you are on a path to success
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Social media is Lauren’s hallmark! I have had the pleasure to work with her on some major projects, and she truly takes the time to understand her client’s needs in order to develop systematic plans that cater to their audience and goals. From the kick-off meeting to th campaign reports and results, Lauren takes professional pride in her work and doesn’t cut corners for quick results. She doesn’t just post photos on Facebook and send a few tweets. She is the type of person who checks her grammar before posting and responds in a timely manner to your customers. If you are looking for a Social Media pro to help you create original content that engages your fans and followers and encourages interaction, then Lauren Ramsey is the right woman for the job!

Ramsay McCoy

Recruiter , Creative Circle

Lauren is a lifesaver! Wrapping my mind around technical details leaves me feeling drained and depleted. With Lauren’s technical prowess and ligh-hearted laughter through sessions. I’m more productive and inspired than ever before! If you are wanting to share your creative mssage with the world, but keep getting caught up in the technical details, it’s time to give Lauren a call.

Aimee Dufresne

Author, Joy Catalyst

The Betsy Bash team has a knack for finding new ways for me to engage customers through various social media platforms. Their ideas go beyond the bounds of any particular format.

Ross Lukeman

Owner, Alternative Homes Today

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my sessions?

I use Calendly to schedule each social media session. Visit this link to book each of your sessions.

Do we meet in person or online?

Both! I can meet you in person in Chicago or online. Most of my coaching clients prefer to meet online.

What app do you use for online meetings?

I use Zoom for my online coaching sessions. I love it because it has video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities! There is a quick download that is needed when you first use Zoom, but after that, it’s easy-peasy. Learn more about Zoom here.

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