Who is Betsy?

The story of how I named my company is one of my most favorite stories to tell. Who is Betsy? While Betsy isn’t a real person, she does represent two very influential women in my life: my grandmothers.

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My Grammy has always been a steward of social etiquette. Holiday dinners at her home were always a fancy affair and my sister and I learned at a young age how to set a formal place setting. She taught me the importance of etiquette.


My Mimi was a firecracker. She was constantly telling jokes and keeping people on their toes. She taught me that you have to have FUN in life. It’s ok to be a little sassy now and then.

Meet Betsy!

Together, my grandmothers taught me that you must always know the etiquette for the party you’re walking into and once you’re there, make sure you have some fun too. I’ve taken this lesson and applied it to much of my life. And, I find that it applies particularly well to social media. Because, after all, we are still talking to people on the other side of that tweet, now, aren’t we.

What Do We Do?

One-on-One Coaching

You’ll learn to take focused action that folds into your larger goals with a smart social media strategy. This process will teach you to create your own social media strategies with confidence in the future.

Content Management

Take a load off and let us do the work! We will help you reach your audience of customers, fans and the curious to extend your company’s message across the social channels where they spend their most time.

Social Media Soirées

Attend an intimate workshop for hands-on learning! Confused on how to set up a social media strategy for your business so that you can increase sales and your mailing list? This class is for you!

Live Events

Come hear Lauren speak! From free classes at NextDoor Chicago to conferences around the United States, Lauren loves to share her love for Social Media with you!

The Betsy Bash team has a knack for finding new ways for me to engage customers through various social media platforms. Their ideas go beyond the bounds of any particular format.

Ross Lukeman

Owner, Alternative Homes Today

Free Resources

Ready to get moving on your social media plan today? Take a look at a couple of resources that I put together recently. Learn how to find new customers on social media and which social media platform will work best for you business and your budget!

Recent Events & Projects

See what we have been up to!

Meet Me at Next Door Chicago

I regularly teach free classes at Next Door Chicago! The topic varies each month. Visit their website for the full calendar and visit my facebook page for quick access to the classes I'll be teaching.

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Get Ignited!

I love soul music and comfort food. Read interviews, articles, and hear podcast episodes from my passion project: Lauren Ignited.

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Lessons from the She-Suite

I regularly volunteer with the Chicago American Marketing Association as a guest blogger and live tweeter. One of my favorite events was a panel of female C-level executives. They each shared their journey and lessons from the "She-Suite."

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Speed Mentoring

I volunteered my time to work one-on-one with local Chicago business owners at The Creative Women's Co Speed Mentoring Event. It was a great way to connect with other women!

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Do you have Love, Hope, & Strength?

Our team volunteers year-round with Love Hope Strength, a non-profit on a mission to save lives one concert at a time by signing up music lovers to be on the National Bone Marrow Donation Registry. I am extremely passionate about their mission as I've lost two people in my life to Blood Cancer.

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Self-Employment in the Arts Conference

I served on panels and mentored young artists and creative entrepreneurs at the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference and later served as a mentor in the SEA Mastermind Facebook group. This is a great organization to be a part of!

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Podcast Appearances

Do you love listening to podcasts? Me too! I have been interviewed on a few podcasts and share a little something different in each one! Tune in to learn more.

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